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FAQ – Teaching Employment Opportunities

Does the Board accept applications on a general basis??

Where are positions posted??

Where do I send applications for posted teaching positions??

Do I need to be registered on Apply to Education??

Do I need an Ontario College of Teachers Certificate to be considered for teaching positions??

I am a new grad but my paperwork has not been processed by the Ontario College of Teachers, can I apply for a teaching position??

Do I need to be on the supply list before I can apply for a Long Term Occasional and Contract position??

How long are positions posted??

Is a Police Record Check required prior to applying for a teaching position??

If I am successful in obtaining a teaching position, what documentation will the Board require before I start my position??

Does the Upper Grand District School Board attend job fairs??

Does the Upper Grand District School Board conduct “Pool Hiring”??

I have been applying for positions and have not been contacted by a Principal. What should I do??

How do I know the appropriate people received my resume??

Do Principals have access to view my resume if I don’t apply to the positions available??