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Mono-Amaranth PS celebrates kindness with Kind Club

May 30, 2019

MONO, Ontario – Students and staff at Mono-Amaranth Public School are celebrating kindness through the school’s Kind Club.

This great initiative started a year ago when teacher Leana Todd saw a need for an inclusive space in the school that promoted positivity and friendship.

Grade 8 students Molly and Alysha are members of this club, read what they have to say about what the club means to them.

The Kind Campaign has made an enormous impact throughout our school environment, particularly among the girls, this past year. It has inspired us girls from Mono-Amaranth Public School to treat one another as equals and with kindness and to put aside our differences and embrace individuality.

The campaign began as a presentation for all girls from grades six to eight, and displayed the aggressive and competitive behaviours of girls nationwide [through] a documentary. This film challenged us to consider the fact that we are all a part of something bigger together and pushed forward the idea that putting other girls down just puts us ALL down. By exchanging compliments and apology notes, we personally felt moved by this presentation and felt a new bond form with our fellow girls.

Following this presentation, a club was offered that allowed us further opportunity to discuss insecurities, friendships and the struggles of being a girl with similar people in a safe, welcoming environment. We read articles about bullying, discussed how the media influences our feelings, and were able to connect on a personal level and form new friendships.

Our school was kind enough to provide funding for team t-shirts, which could not have been possible without the teacher in charge, Mlle Todd. She has supported us through our Kind Campaign journey and provided a safe and accepting place that has made a lasting impact and impression in the community of girls at Mono-Amaranth Public School.


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