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CHSS students participate in ‘gladiator style’ workout

October 1, 2020

GUELPH, Ontario – On Tuesday Sept. 29, the fitness class at College Heights Secondary School enjoyed participating in a new and unorthodox workout experience. ?

Jodie Adams, one of the school’s physical education teachers, has been sourcing out and collecting unique types of equipment that could be used to create an outdoor ‘gladiator style’ workout. ?This workout allowed for proper social distancing as well as sanitizing hands and equipment between each use to properly meet COVID-19 prevention requirements. ?

Due to the pandemic, school fitness centres are not able to be used as they typically would.?When asked where the inspiration for the workout came from, Adams responded by saying she had the opportunity to participate in a similar style workout at an outdoor training facility just north of Shelburne in the summertime. ?The fitness program at College Heights has received great support from the SHSM program as well, which has helped to make this all possible.

Mental health and overall wellness is so crucial especially in these times and this type of workout provided students with a healthy stress relief as well as promoted confidence and strength building.

As soon as the workout started, there was not a single student in the class that was not eager to dive right into it. ?Many of the students commented after the workout saying how hard it was but also expressing how proud they were to have completed. One student, Nina, even told a student the next day who was absent, “you missed an awesome workout yesterday, ?it was so much fun!” A few staff members have also commented on what an amazing opportunity that was for the students and how they would have loved to experience something like this for themselves.

It was great to see that all the effort was well worth it. ?The fitness class is hoping to incorporate this style of training into their workouts regularly and keep it outdoors as long as possible.

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